Two-time Olympic champion has decided to retire due to the pain and cried


Andy Marratta: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

British tennis player Andy Murray has announced his retirement from professional sports. Footage from the press conference 31-year-old athlete published in the YouTube channel The Guardian.

He said he expects to finish his career at the tournament in Wimbledon, but did not rule out that the Australian open will be his last.

The Briton admitted that he feels pain when speaking. “Don’t feel well. I feel bad for a long time. Not sure I will be able to speak through the pain four or five months,” he said. The Briton has not coped with emotions during his speech and cried.

Murray said that he can come with restrictions, however, in this case training and matches will no longer bring him positive. He also admitted that will take another operation, but not for sporting purposes, and to facilitate daily life.

The tennis player has received a hip injury in the summer of 2017. Murray underwent surgery and returned to the court a year later. British — the former first racket of the world, two-time Olympic champion in singles. In its asset three victories in the tournament series “Grand slam”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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