The essence of the reform of school food


Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti

New rules and regulations for school meals are not forbidden to bring to school a home-cooked meal, said the head of the Executive Committee of the Russian popular front (onf) Michael Razvozhaev. It is quoted by TASS on Monday, January 14.

“There are no prohibitions from the perspective of a home-cooked meal, which my parents every day give kids in school, no, in no way new SanPiN for this food is not affected,” said Razvozhaev after the meeting of experts of the popular front with the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

According to him, the public outcry was provoked by the misinterpretation of one of the provisions of the project, however, there was no question of a ban on individual meals.

Razvozhaev has also supported the initiative of the CPS “to bring order to the nutrition in schools”, which, according to him, unhappy children and parents.

In turn, Popov has confirmed that parents have the right to determine the menu for their children.

The information that students will not be able to bring home-cooked meals, appeared on January 10.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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