Published “non-existent” sketches of trump tower in Moscow



Sketches for construction project in Moscow tower, the Trump Tower was ready, despite the words of the lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliani. This writes BuzzFeed.

The portal has published a selection of images and extracts from documents and correspondence. It follows that by September 2015 the architect from new York has created a sketch of a 100-storey tower. It was supposed to be finished with glass panels, the top is going to shape the cut diamond, there was supposed to be a logo.

With the images reviewed Andrey Rozov — owner of group of companies “Expert”, which was responsible for the tower in Russia. He called the design “a triumph of architecture and luxury” and expressed readiness to implement the project.

To build a building that would be above the 462-meter St. Petersburg of a skyscraper “Lakhta Center” and would be the tallest in Europe, it was assumed in the area of “Moscow-city”. It was located about 250 condominiums luxury 15-storey hotel with 150 rooms, Spa, fitness center and Parking. If this Spa could assign the name of the daughter trump Ivanka, in this case it would be personally involved in the interior design.


21 Jan Giuliani in an interview with The New Yorker stated that the project was in its initial stages. According to him, no clear plans were not, “drafts did not exist”, as well as other documents.

On 17 January, the lawyer said that never talked about the innocence of fellow heads of States to relations with Russia. According to the lawyer, he claimed only that relations with Moscow uninvolved by trump.

Before it was reported that the Federal Bureau of investigation began checking against the President of the United States. It will become clear how the President’s decision threatened national security, and if he worked in the interests of Russia deliberately, or simply came under its influence.

In November 2018, former counsel to trump Michael Cohen has admitted that he had lied to Congress about relations with the us leader of Russia. BuzzFeed later reported that the Republican had given the lawyer instructed to lie.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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