The woman decided to marry a blanket


Photo: Pascale Pauly Sellick page in Facebook

A resident of the British city of Exeter, County of Devon intends to “marry” their own duvet. This publication reports the Metro.

“The blanket always came to my rescue at the right moment and perfectly embraces, says 49-year-old Pascal Sellick (Pascale Sellick). I love him very much and want to invite people to witness my Union with the most constant and comforting partner in my life.”

The ceremony is scheduled for February 10. A woman is going to be on her fluffy Slippers, a nightgown and housecoat. Guests are advised to come to a wedding in pajamas and bathrobes. In addition, you can grab Teddy bears and bottles of warm water to warm up.

People attracted to inanimate objects is called objectophile, or objectsecurity. Well-known cases of a resident of Sweden, eklof Berliner-Mauer (Eklöf Berliner-Mauer), 1979 considered themselves the spouse of the Berlin wall, and American women Erika LaBrie (Erika LaBrie), in 2007 entered into an informal marriage with the Eiffel tower. According to a study published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, more than half of objectpascal suffer from disorders of the autistic spectrum.

In 2017, it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of San Diego, California, claims that “married” to the railway station of Santa Fe. According to her, she was in love with this building since childhood.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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