Chinese Internet smoothed from millions of fragments of “vulgar information”


Photo: Aly Song / Reuters

The cyberspace administration of China removed 9382 mobile applications and criticized major news app Tencent for the distribution of “vulgar information”. Reported by the New York Post.

A Chinese observer of the cyberspace added in a statement that also blocked 733 website. The action is part of a program to clean up the cyberspace from unacceptable and harmful information, which began in January 2019.

Social network for sharing photos Huaban was also criticized by the Chinese observer of the cyberspace. The regulator accused Huaban that the application has “serious problems with the ecosystem”. The social network announced on its website that its online service is temporarily disabled for updates.

In total, the result was removed more than 7 million pieces of information.

Earlier it was reported that the Chinese government imposed a ban on the sale of the Bible through online shopping. The Bible is impossible to buy even on Amazon or the Chinese equivalent of Dangdang.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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