Model is stripped and wrapped themselves with diamonds for 850 million


Kyle Matapato: “JMG Lifestyle”

Lingerie designer and model Kayla Methven posed for the cover of the January issue of the journal JMG Lifestyle, sprinkled their naked body with diamonds worth 10 million pounds ($857 million). It is reported by The Sun.

26-year-old model explained that the photo shoot she decided to support strong women. “I am proud that I am a woman and Lifestyle magazine JMG is a strong modern women. So I wanted to participate in the strong and fearless shooting,” shared Methven.

For the photo shoot the model was decorated with the head a tiara Versace for 2.3 million pounds, and adorned his body with precious stones worth 7.6 million pounds.

In November, American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez posed for InStyle magazine in a revealing outfit. 49-year-old actress was just a green dress-coat, embroidered with sequins, which completely exposed the right side of her body.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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