The Russians had preferred suicide to deportation to Russia


Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS

Belarus has committed suicide, the Russians lived in the Republic for 14 years, and faced with the threat of deportation to Russia for having committed an administrative offence. On Thursday, January 24, reports “radio Svaboda” (local service of “Radio Liberty”).

A man named Vitaly lived in Buda-koshelevski district of Gomel region of the country. “It threatened to deport ten years”, said the wife of the deceased. The family, according to her, had financial problems.

The father of six children, until recently, worked at the factory. “He was fired because he drank on the job. The problems started from the police — because this offense. Previously it was caught without flicker (reflective element that you want to use in the dark when driving on the edge of the carriageway — approx. “Of the”) — also an offence,” explained the wife of Vitaly.

“The residence he was taken away by the police. Said for five days to do a temporary residence permit or deported for 10 years. Those papers more than a hundred [Belarusian] rubles (about three thousand Russian rubles — approx. “Of the”) cost. The money was nowhere to take,” she said.

Vitaly got a new job — as a janitor in a grammar school in the town of Buda-Koshelevo, but it is, said the wife, “still did not help him”.

In Lipinska village Council of the Buda-Koshelevo district said that the police turned back for a feature on Vitali. “What is not explained. We have characterized it positively, he was legally married, raised children with his wife. Of course, the work was his small salary. But it was the cause or something else- we don’t know,” said the Council.

The law “On legal status of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship in the Republic of Belarus” envisages, in particular, deportation of aliens from the country when they commit five or more administrative violations during a calendar year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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