A report about the smog and the smell of sulfur in the Russian city filmed Putin


Screenshot: GTRK “Bashkortostan”

A schoolboy from Bashkiria Arslan Kaipkulov, the dream which was performed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the framework of the project “Dream with me”, made a report about ecological problems of his native city of Sibay. The story appeared on state television and radio company “Bashkortostan” on Friday, January 25.

Kaipkulov told that in the city since November is smog and the smell of sulphur due to the decay of ore at broken career. The student interviewed officials and local residents. The report was made on camera, which he presented to the Russian leader. According to the student, people are more willing to agree to an interview, seeing him with a video camera.

The teenager admitted that he now wants to take reports for the Bashkir branch of the state channel. “We noted that Kaipkulov removed, as a professional operator, very good angles when shooting, was happy to report he’s a very responsible attitude to the case”, — told RIA Novosti the representative of the channel.

The head of state fulfilled the dream of a seriously ill teenager 25 Dec. In the capital he organized a personal tour of the President’s plane. On 20 January, the teenager shared the results of the visit of Putin’s plane Il-96. Then he was able to remove the interior of the plane and chat with the staff of air force 1.

Inhabitants of Sibai complained about health problems due to smog in mid-November. In mid-January, the city administration started to give local residents the activated carbon and a medical mask. Also in Sibai decided to use two ventilation systems to disperse the smog.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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