A tourist survived a collision with a fat woman and was dying


Photo: Jemma Joslyn

A resident of the UK has told how the trip to the Park ended for her multiple fractures and internal injuries. About its history reports the Daily Mail.

32-year-old Gemma Joslyn (Joslyn Jemma) arrived on rest to Turkey and immediately after checking into the hotel headed to the water Park with her two children. She descended from one of the water slides and was shot down by a woman who rolled right behind her. As a result, the girls revealed five broken ribs, liver damage and other internal organs and severe internal bleeding.

The tourist was taken to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. Already in hospital it turned out that the insurance does not cover expenses, and each tourist had paid her five thousand pounds (nearly 430 thousand). According to Jocelyn, the incident occurred in September 2018, but it still suffers from the effects of kidney injury. In addition, after the operation on her stomach was a large scar.

“I have been in Turkey for only 14 hours. My daughter was supposed to go with me, but instead it was a woman with overweight,” the story of the Briton, adding that he had filed a lawsuit against the hotel, since the water slides were not taken any security measures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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