Aggressive masculinity Chris brown was the cause of the rape of a student


Chris Braunfotel: Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for Riveting Entertainment

The lawyer of the woman accused Chris brown of the rape, told the details of what happened. Reported by the Associated Press.

As stated by lawyer Frank Dan Serfaty, his client was not forced to have sex by using physical force but it has had a psychological pressure. It is noted that this happened in an expensive hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where brown herded the girl into a locked room and bowed to sex. According to the victim, bodyguard artist, and his partner attacked her on another floor of the hotel.

Dan Serfaty said that the student was in a “masculine environment”, where it has had the pressure of “large, older men.”

22 Jan Chris brown arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape. The next day, the singer was released. He called the incident shocking and said “that bitch is lying”. Police are still investigating the case.

In the spring of 2018, the musician was accused of organizing parties with drugs, on which was a rape of a woman. Brown provided an alibi, stating that at the time of the incident, had sex with another girl and watched pornography.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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