Diplomats in Venezuela called home


Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

U.S. withdraw part of the diplomatic staff of the Embassy in Caracas. Reported by the Associated Press.

Return home only of those who are responsible for particularly important activities. The Embassy will continue to work. The state Department stressed that the decision was taken to ensure the safety of employees.

Earlier, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro announced the decision to close the Embassy and all the consulates of the country in the United States. Before that, he accused the U.S. of attempting coup, broke off all diplomatic relations with the us government and gave the country 72 hours to leave Venezuela.

January 23, in Venezuela, began mass protests. During a rally in the capital, the leader of the opposition and the speaker of Parliament Joan Guido proclaimed himself interim President and declared that will perform the duties of the head of state with the support of the armed forces to hold free elections. His authority was recognized by Donald trump, as well as the authorities of Argentina, Canada, Peru, Colombia and other countries. Russia refused to do so.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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