German tank gun pierced right through the T-72



In the UK in December last year passed the test firing of the gun Rh120L55A1 installed on the tank Challenger 2 modernization program of the LEP. Write about it in their blogs military experts Andrei Tarasenko and Alex Hassle.

Tarasenko with reference to the witnesses of the tests says that was used as the target T-72 tank, the modification of which could not be established. The shell hit the top armor plate and walked out of the feed plate, thus breaking the car through.

Hassle says that the tests could involve T-72 modification M or M1, which correspond to the variant of the T-72A with the simplified protection. The crew inside the Challenger 2 was absent, for safety reasons.

As indicated by the expert work on the Challenger 2 LEP are mainly aimed at the “Germanization originally of British design,” as installed on his gun Rh120L55A1 developed by the German concern Rheinmetall, and shooting tests were conducted staff of the DM 53 German ammunition production; in addition, according to Tarasenko, the tank will be equipped with a German engine MTU883 with the transmission of the German company Renk. Cares also recalls that the Germans in the face Rheinmetall “bought all the British tank on the vine”, with the control unit for the creation of war machines defense company BAE Systems in the UK.

Challenger 2 is not produced since 2009. Remaining in service with the British army, this model actively moderniziriruyutsya.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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