Kingpin, Pacwa was arrested for slap jailer “Vladimir Central”



In Vladimir have arrested a 54-year-old kingpin of the Feria, Sulakvelidze, known in criminal circles as Patua or Gocha consultant. He hit him in the face of prison officer “Vladimir Tsentral”, the information Agency (IA) “Prime Crime”.

Sulakvelidze, just released from prison and was immediately charged with “disorganization of activity of correctional institutions”. The basis of the charges laid by the incident in February 2018.

Correctional staff put the thief in the law “stretching” (posture when a prisoner is almost on the splits against the wall with their hands up is one of the methods of punishment). At some point, one of the jailers punched authority in the leg, so he planted his feet wider, and Sulakvelidze the answer hit warden in the face.

So the prisoner wanted to avoid losing credibility: the unwritten laws of the criminal world, thief in law obliged to give back to anyone who will use violence to him. As noted by IA in the past for resisting captors, Sulakvelidze have been punished, in 2015, this incident took place in jail in the city of Elets. For that kingpin got 2.5 years in addition to the original eight-year sentence for extortion.

On 19 January it was reported that the thief-in-law Roman Kashaev, known in criminal circles as Roma Krasnodar, detained in Poland on request of the MIA of Russia. Earlier Kamaeva in absentia accused under part 4 of article 210 of the criminal code (“Organization of criminal community committed by a person holding a higher position in criminal hierarchy”).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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