Leopard-eater stole a sleeping baby and mauled it to death


Photo: Reuters

In India the leopard is a man-eater stole family of four children and devoured it. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Dead baby, later identified as the Zeta Kalyani (Kalyani Zete), slept under the open sky near the family of shepherds in the Indian village of Yegan, Maharashtra. The predator crept up to him and took his victim.

The mutilated body of a child found near a Creek 1.5 kilometers from the place where the kidnapping occurred. The villagers were patrolling the area, setting traps to catch the killer.

The incident occurred a few days after in the state of West Bengal, another leopard-eater took a three-year girl pranitha was Oraon (Pranita Oraon) in the eyes of the mother Pooja (Puja) and “tore her to shreds.”

According to local school teachers Sit Chhetri (Chhetri Sibu), at the time of the attack of the leopard the baby was near the mother who was preparing food in the yard. As soon as the woman noticed the predator with Orion teeth, she ran after him screaming, what attracted the attention of the villagers.

A dead child was found three miles from home women in the area Alipurduar (Alipurduar). “Head, hands and feet were severed from the body of the baby,” commented Forester wished to remain anonymous.

A similar incident occurred in December 2018 in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in Northern India. The leopard dragged the little child to the forest and beheaded him. The child’s body with separated head found in the woods after some time.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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