Maduro told about a secret meeting with the leader of the opposition


Photo: Martin Acosta / Reuters

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke about a secret meeting with opposition leader Juan Guido. He stated this during a press conference broadcast which led Ruptly.

As noted by Maduro, on the night of 22 January, he got the message about the need to hold talks with the opposition. The meeting was scheduled in one of the hotels in Caracas. The event was allegedly attended by Guido, who came in a black hoodie and cap, because they did not want to know.

“The negotiations were long. All that said, Guido was untrue. But the fact that the conversation took place — well. Need to keep channels of communication open. (…) I will always be at the mercy of the Constitution,” — said the head of state.

In turn, the leader of the opposition, declared himself interim President of Venezuela, has said it will not go to the “fake dialogue” with Maduro, reports Spanish TV channel 24 Horas. “I want to make it clear to the regime and the world — no one is going to fake the dialogue. The only option is termination of usurpation (…), the transitional government and free elections,” — said Guido.

Previously, on 25 January, Maduro declared readiness for dialogue with opposition in any form. “If I need to go and see this guy, I go. If you have come naked and I will come,” he said.

23 January amid mass protests, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido proclaimed himself provisional President and called on Maduro to resign. Guido, supported by the US, Argentina, Canada, Peru, Colombia and several other countries. Maduro considers that the coup d’etat are American policies. His legitimacy was supported by Russia, Belarus and Turkey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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