Maduro wanted to meet a political opponent naked


Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the intent to meet in the Nude with the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido. His words leads RIA Novosti.

“I am committed to the national dialogue. (…) If I need to go and see this guy, I go. If you need to come naked I will go. I am ready to dialogue”, — quotes its Agency.

Maduro also said that Venezuela will sell US oil if they are ready to buy it. According to him, Venezuela broke off diplomatic relations with the United States, however, will continue socio-economic cooperation, which “will flourish.”

“The United States is much more than Donald trump, isn’t it?” explained Maduro, adding that he loves the United States, despite the anti-imperialist position.

January 24, Maduro announced the decision to close the Embassy and all the consulates of Venezuela in the United States and accused Washington in the coup attempt. The U.S. withdrew part of the diplomatic staff from the embassies in Caracas.

23 January amid mass protests, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido proclaimed himself provisional President and called for the elected head of state Nicolas Maduro to resign. Guido, supported by the US, Argentina, Canada, Peru, Colombia and several other countries. Maduro considers that the coup d’etat are American policies. His legitimacy was supported by Russia and Turkey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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