Mother asked Putin tractor girls complained of harassment


Photo: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS

The mother of 12-year-old Taisia Persikovoe of Sebezhsky district of the Pskov region, which wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin and asked for the tractor began to veer colleagues. In conversation with the correspondent “Radio. Freedom”, the woman admitted that the hospital where she works as a nurse, her writing memoranda.

“Now I’m going to work on execution. Said they would write me up. The reason you can come up easily. Let’s not do their jobs. It is impossible to prove. In short, food, and even the stomach. Realize that anything good I’m not waiting,” she confessed.

The letter in question was written in December 2018. “Salaries in the hospital is not enough, it is less than the minimum wage, so the mother works two shifts. And the mother helps others. (…) I am very love my mother and see how her hard. Please help to make mom a gift — a walking tractor or mini-tractor. To mom it was easier and could be better to cultivate the land,” — said in it.

In January 2018, when the appeal to the President was launched at the local level, the mother of the schoolgirl told off in the hospital, and the social workers recalled that she had no registration. However, as reported TASS in the administration of the Pskov region agreed to help the family. The source Agency in the regional Department of social protection said that the woman was offered a contract. “We disposable funds, a certain sum, and will continue to ensure that funds were used as intended,” — said he. Also Perchikova elder said that it was supported by benefactors, listed on 60 thousand roubles.

The district authorities are set up differently, local officials stressed that most of the residents have low incomes and are engaged in the cultivation of the earth. “To help everyone to buy a tractor, we by law have no right”, — said the head of Sebezhsky district Leonid Kurzenkov. He added that the school has helped with transport, to enable it to reach the nearest school, and then transferred to home schooling.

Perchikova moved to the village Casino Sebezhsky district in the last year of residence in the Pskov region yet.

Reports that the family bought a tractor or got money on it, on the websites of the local administration did not appear.

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