Named the most popular bill to counterfeit


Photo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

Banknote of five thousand rubles was forged in 2018 the most. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the materials of the Bank of Russia.

The regulator notes that the total number of counterfeit banknotes in Russia decreased by 15 percent and amounted to 38.5 thousand. Their nominal value — 149,2 million rubles. However, the counterfeiters have become even more likely to forge banknotes of five thousand rubles. The amount of detected fraud has increased by three per cent and 27.8 per thousand, and their total amount reached 138,8 million rubles. The number of counterfeit banknotes of smaller denominations fell: a thousand banknotes were less likely to forge 45.9 percent and par value of five hundred rubles — by 15.5%.

In connection with the introduction of the new banknotes denominations (200 and 2000) in Russia began to appear and their counterfeits, however, to a limited extent (19 and 384 pieces, respectively) and low quality (printed on a color printer). The number of counterfeit foreign currency changed slightly 2579 pieces (2590 units in 2017). Still 91 percent of all counterfeits of foreign currencies are the us dollar (2352 pieces). In second place is the Euro.

Earlier, the head of Goznak Arkady Trachuk proposed a redesign of five thousandth bills, because the old sample was developed in the mid 90-ies. The final decision will be made by the Central Bank. Introduction of bills the new denomination is not required, because after the introduction of dvuhmatchevyh and two thousand bills have formed a complete range, according to the Central Bank.

The popularity of five-thousand banknotes from counterfeiters in 2018 even led to a slight collapse of the banks have asked the Russians to refrain from the use of five thousandth bills because of the rise in counterfeiting.

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