Published by hackers, the documents were found 18-year-old Colonel in the KGB


Photo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The group Anonymous has published a number of PDF files, called documents on the activities of the British think-tank Integrity Initiative.

In one of the files of at least two pages describes five “employees of the reserve military intelligence of Ukraine” at the age from 45 to 53 years who visited the UK.

All five of them were “ethnic Russians”, two of them from a “Russian Republic”. It is alleged that four of them spoke English. Two earlier alleged was a KGB Colonel, and two were commanders of the special forces teams. The fifth man was a communication specialist and “almost certainly” was a native of GRU — Russian military intelligence. Simultaneously, in the file there is a speech about the events in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, which occurred in 2014.

From the publication of the age “of the Ukrainian scouts” (from 45 to 53 years) and their military ranks (two of them was a Colonel in the KGB ceased to exist in 1991), it follows that the most senior of them in order to fall under this description, was supposed to be a KGB Colonel in 30 years.

If the visit of Ukrainians in great Britain took place in 2018 and a “KGB Colonel” meant the 45-year-old man, in order to fall under this description, he had to have a corresponding title in 18 years. The exact date of the visit of the scouts in Britain in the file is not given, provided only that they remained in the country “from 6 to 13 July.”

Also in the PDF file are details of the conversations “employees of the Ukrainian military intelligence” from unnamed individuals, in which the first was given to understand that Kiev is preparing for a long war against Russia. One of them called this process “the Ukrainian century of war,” the article reads.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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