Rare disease deprived the boy of the ability to eat regular food


Photo: Vladimir Kornev / RIA Novosti

Six-year-old Jude Carrington (Carrington Jude) from the English County of Hertfordshire have never eaten regular food due to a rare bowel disease. About it writes edition the Daily Mail.

According to the boy’s mother Jo Carrington (Jo Carrington), problems with health began when the baby was only four months. Then he began to reject the milk, and after meals was suffering from nausea and diarrhea. At the age of ten months, he finally stopped eating, which led to loss of consciousness.

33-year-old Carrington with her husband Steve took Jude’s children’s hospital for tests. Doctors performed a number of examinations, after which discovered the boy had an acute inflammation of the intestine and was diagnosed with eosinophilic colitis.

“If we got the baby, fed him from a bottle and were constantly changing diapers. And so for five years, — the woman tells. Every time he tries to eat something like rice, potatoes or a chicken in his body has allergic reaction”.

At the moment, young Carrington needs surgery, which is only possible in America. Family gathers the necessary sum of 50 thousand pounds (4.3 million rubles) to fulfill the major dream of the child to taste the cake.

In December 2018 it was reported as suffering from a rare condition eight-year-old Briton Fred Howie (Fred Howe) fulfilled the entire wish list before you completely go blind. For six months he was able to climb the Eiffel tower, met Mickey mouse, worked as a caretaker at the zoo and a train driver. He also rode in the limo with the mayor of the city of York and stood on skis in the Austrian Alps.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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