Residents of the Russian village was blocked by the glacier from the feces



Residents of several houses in the village of Great Balandino (Chelyabinsk region) was cut off from its surrounding buildings after the glaciation, caused by spills of sewage, according to “the Sosnovskaya Niva”.

Frozen sewage from a sewer pit blocked the door adjoining the two buildings in the courts and deprived the owners of the ability to use them. The cause of the spill became obsolete infrastructure: septic tank, which is used by 17 families from multi-family two-story house was made over 30 years ago. In addition, the house has no management company, and tenants using the services of total sanitation.

As explained by the residents of the house, they receive a receipt for gas, electricity and trash removal: for pumping sewage need to watch together, and they decided to appoint a person responsible for collecting money from each apartment. However, once the tariffs have increased several times, people began to resent and to refuse the services of scavengers.

“Who’s supposed to contact and nerves to spoil when other money for everything, and in order for sanitation to pay — no. That year began, everyone hires. (…) some have never gave money and a car did not cause. Say it’s not their problem,” he told the tenants. They also expressed concern that due to the lack of Central water supply may become contaminated sources of drinking water.

Chapter Dolgoderevenskogo rural settlement Alexander Zheltov said that “to provide free services on sanitation now, no one can.” The administration of the Sosnovsky municipal district ordered to create a Commission that will spend the tender on selection of managing company for the victim from the spill of faeces at home.

January 11 a similar situation arose in the village of Chigiri (Amur region): sewage overflow of septic tanks spilled out into the streets of the village and flowed down. They were subsequently frozen, forming a “hill”, which began to ride children. To the purification of septic tanks were involved in third-party construction company. The local authorities sent an appeal to the Prosecutor’s office and the state housing Inspectorate of the region for revocation of license of the management company, discontinuance of payment for pumping out septic tanks of three apartment buildings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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