Russian teenager opened fire at school


Photo: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

A pupil of the ninth class arranged firing from a gun at school in the village of Abalakovo Yenisei district of Krasnoyarsk region. On Friday, January 25, the TV channel “360” with reference to eyewitnesses.

As reported by the channel in the administration of the school, the boy tried to go with a gun into the building, but he was stopped by the attendant. Then he turned, went outside and opened fire at the Windows of the school and parked cars.

The administration stressed that it was immediately ordered to close all the entrances to the building. On a scene there arrived police officers who detained the shooter. As noted, as a result of incident nobody has suffered.

As told to “360” is one of the students of the school, the teenager wanted to take revenge on his classmate who had just happened hit him. According to him, the attacker managed to get one shot off in the direction of the offender, but missed, and managed to escape.

According to the channel, the boy has mild mental retardation he is trained in remedial class. While his mother and father deprived of their parental rights, and the ninth is under the care of grandparents, along with his brother and two sisters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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