The authenticity of Hitler’s paintings questioned


Adolf Gellerphoto: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

German police seized three watercolor landscape attributed to Adolf Hitler, who planned to sell under the hammer. About it reports BBC News.

The police suspect that all three watercolors are a fake and are investigating the articles about the attempted fraud and forgery of documents. Doubts could arise due to the fact that one of the paintings, written in 1911, depicted the Rhine, which Hitler did not attend until 1914, reports The Local, citing the German newspaper Welt.

In paintings dated 1910 and 1911, shows the river, the mountains and the man sitting under the tree. Their authenticity was confirmed by expert opinion. The starting price is assigned for each work amounted to four thousand euros (300 thousand rubles). It was expected that the auction will be attended by the buyers from Russia, UK, USA and Scandinavian countries.

In his youth the future Fuhrer was planning to become an artist. Although he failed to enter the Academy of fine arts before the First world war, Hitler spent several years in Vienna, earning a living writing landscapes.

In March 2015 the still life painted by Hitler auctioned in the US for 30 thousand dollars. A few days later the picture was removed from the auction without explanation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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