The Belarusian opposition has threatened Russia’s collapse


Paul Severelectro: Will Ofitserova / Nasha Niva

Russia will face the threat of their own dissolution, if it decides force to Annex Belarus. In an interview, “Our Cornfield” said the co-Chairman of the unregistered party “Belarusian Christian democracy”, in opposition to the ruling regime, Pavel Seviarynets.

Answering the question whether Belarus was occupied by Russia, Sevyarynets said that the threat was very great. “But the day when Moscow decides the power to turn Belarus into a part of the Empire, will be the beginning of the end of the Empire. If the Kremlin will takeover on the Crimean and Donetsk scenario Russia will collapse”, — he said.

“Since the Great Duchy of Lithuania the mystery of life and death, the Russian Empire was pulsing here: first Congress of Russian social democratic working party in Minsk (1898 — approx. “Of the”), rate the Tsar [Emperor Nicholas II] in the First world war in Mogilev and Belovezhskaya Pushcha become the twists and turns inherent in the geopolitical key of Belarus”, — explained his position Seviarynets.

According to him, Belarus has sacrificed the best of its genius, to transform, to change and enlighten Russia. “Simeon, [Fyodor] Dostoevsky, [Vladimir] Vysotsky [Valeriya] Novodvorskaya, [Andrei] Makarevich and [Svetlana] Aleksievich… Already five hundred years Russia wants to absorb Belarus partisan, and it all throat. They have MiGs, and we are their books,” — said the politician.

“We pray and do what you can to they here is not helpful. But we must be ready to defend independence — then the Empire will burst at the seams,” he added.

The conversation also touched upon the future of President Alexander Lukashenko. “Lukashenko is a guarantor of Belarusian independence? He has 25 years and is the guarantor of his personal power,” — said Seviarynets.

“I want Belarusians are you supported? Give people the loot, give freedom, to repent, to release political prisoners and wrongfully convicted, raise white-red-white flag (the flag of the Belarusian national Republic in 1918 and Belarus in 1991-1995 — approx. “Of the”), and held free elections. If Lukashenko will not do it — he will sign his own death warrant, and history will be unforgiving to him,” — said the politician.

While Lukashenka himself over the last few months repeatedly discussed the issue of independence and sovereignty of the Republic. So, in June 2018, the President admitted that Belarus may lose its independence in case of failure in the economy. About where the threat comes from and in which state can enter Belarus in the worst case scenario, the President did not elaborate.

In December the President of Belarus said that the Republic will never be part of Russia, and the concept of “sovereignty” is for this country Holy. However, Lukashenka underlined that he is doing the direct offer to join state in Russia, “six regions”. In the same month, Belarusian media reported about the alleged closed meeting of the Belarusian establishment regarding the protection of state sovereignty. The press-Secretary Lukashenko has denied this information, stressing that the issue of independence in Belarus “decided long ago”.

At the beginning of 2019 Lukashenko has warned Belarusians about that in the next two years the country’s independence will be tested “to the tooth”. “We need to be prepared to answer this question. I am absolutely convinced that we will find an adequate response,” he added.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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