The Chinese suddenly began to save money on clothes


Photo: Athit Perawongmetha / Reuters

The Chinese began to save money on shopping during trips abroad. It is reported by Footwear News.

American consulting company Oliver Wyman conducted a study and found that during a travel, tourists from China prefer to spend money on excursions, Wellness treatments, entertainment and food.

For the first few years, less than half of the respondents included shopping in the top 3 reasons to travel abroad, and only 7 percent gave him first place. In addition, only a third (32 percent) of their holiday budget Chinese postpone buying new clothes.

According to experts Oliver Wyman, the trend may be related to the fact that similar things are available in China at lower prices, as well as popular local brands.

In March 2018 Western mass marketasia brands witnessed a decline in the interest of the Chinese to their products. It turned out that the people of this country have started to prefer expensive things, of luxury companies, or, conversely, very cheap brands.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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