The German nationalists were forbidden to visit Buchenwald


Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

Representatives of the German nationalist party “Alternative for Germany” not admitted to solemn events in honour of Holocaust victims at the former Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald. This was reported by the newspaper Zeit.

Volkard Knigge, Director of the Museum of the company, which now exists in the territory of the former concentration camp in Thuringia, wrote to the local office of ADG an open letter in which he said that party members were forbidden to visit the ceremonial laying of wreaths at Buchenwald.

The letter stated that the entrance to them is forbidden until “they distanciruemsa from undemocratic and hostile to human rights and revisionist positions” who share their party supporters.

In the first place, he meant the head of the local branch of the party Hecke Bjorn (Björn Höcke), known for made in 2017 controversial statements about modern German politics. The heck caused the scandal, calling the Holocaust memorial in Berlin “monument of shame” and calling on Germany to make a “180 degree turnaround” in his perception of history. Even then he was forbidden access to the Museum, located at Buchenwald.

“Mr. Hyuk still with their beliefs,” said Knigge in his letter. He added that the management of the Museum don’t know that someone from the local members of ADG openly distanced itself from the views expressed by Hecke.

Against ADG was recently made by the head of the Jewish community in Bavaria Charlotte Knobloch: speaking in Parliament the Federal land, she said that the party bases its ideology on “hatred and exclusion”, and also accused them of belittling the crimes of the Nazi regime. Representatives of the party in response demonstratively left the hall.

“Alternative for Germany” is on the liberal-conservative, nationalist and euroskeptic positions. The greatest popularity she gained after she spoke out against the Islamization of Europe and mass immigration.

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