The guy recognized their own ugliness and became a sex symbol


Photo: @rizalxv

British Sudeley rizal (Rizal Sadeli) became popular in the network, calling yourself a freak after he criticized a girl in Tinder. To protect 22-year-old student stood dozens of young women who tried to save his self-esteem, writes BuzzFeed.

Sudeley was criticized after published Tinder the presentation about yourself. The young man explained that he decided to take this step because of all the time using the app, he was no match. “So I just thought, why not?” the student said BuzzFeed.

In the presentation he ironically described their characteristics, qualities and services that can be provided. Sudeley boasted a good physical preparation, ability to cook, that gets along with children and animals. As its advantages, he listed the presence of a Netflix subscription, as well as the ability to create viral posts (once Sudeley has collected 17 thousand retweets).

On another slide he gave feedback about yourself. “Housemate: “You never steal my food and in General, why do you ask me?”” — quoted friend of the British. “One of my favorite children,” advised the mother of Sudeley.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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