The loafers have shared above for shirking work


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Reddit has gained popularity of the thread, in which users share stories of the strangest manifestations of idleness in the workplace. Commentators tell us how they managed to keep a job after various antics.

Publication in less than a day has garnered over 14 thousand comments. People often told each other about how to sleep on the job so to continue to receive a salary, or quietly steal from the bosses.

Some users told about the stories associated with luck. One of the users told me how his colleague got the job, which is not subject to any duties. Managing Studio staff had to come to work, open it, and all the rest could go about their business.

Another commenter thread told the story about the officer who drew images of the genitals on the goods before they are sent. Instead of layoffs, according to the story, the guy was suspended from work for a couple of days.

Another user shared a story about a colleague who literally did nothing. It turned out that only after a year.

Earlier in January, Reddit has become a popular thread in which a girl named John spoke about the intention to change the name. She said that the parents named her in honor of his grandfather, the name was the reason for bullying her at school. Commentators felt relatives John abnormal.

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