The Ossetians worried because of the arrival of Ingush


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The emergence of dozens of Ingush village of IR in the Prigorodny district of North Ossetia has caused a mixed reaction among users of social networks. It all started with the video posted in the public “Ossetia” in Facebook.

The reason gathered in the office men, some of them holding passports. “They demanded to give them the land, stated that this issue was resolved at the highest level. In the end, left with nothing,” — said in the caption for publication.

In Telegram channel “Commander in chief of the Republic of Ingushetia” said that it was the Ingush delegation, the visit which was organized by the Ministry of Affairs of nationalities of Ingushetia. We are talking about the former inhabitants of the Prigorodny district, who left their homes during the conflict in 1992. “Guests visited their land and houses, talked to neighbors, Ossetians and despite all the experiences expressed [the desire] to live in peace and harmony. The administration of the village normally took the Ingush delegation and promised to facilitate their intentions,” says the channel.

Information about the appearance in the village of Ingush caused a negative reaction in social networks. Some users felt that this was an organized action. “The government compensated them in full, they still? Not the land they want I want that was a mess,” suggested one of the wearer Facebook. “They are for land and house a few times paid the money, they still have everything they got from this war, have become millionaires,” wrote another. “They offer land to take? I propose to expel Ossetians from their homes,and buildings to demolish, to areas to convey to the Ingush?” — interested others.

Official reports from the authorities of regions on the arrival of the delegation was not received.

Later, the discussion was joined by the head of the Ministry of Chechnya Dzhambulat Umarov. The radio station “Moscow speaking”, he stressed that the people of Ingushetia have the right to their territories, “but also the Ossetian people do not need too much”. The policy statement published on his page in Instagram. “I assure you, no territorial problems between the two mountain peoples, Ossetians and Ingush,” he said.

Until 1944 the Eastern part of the modern suburban district of North Ossetia was part of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR. After the deportation of the Chechens and Ingush to Central Asia, this territory was transferred to North Ossetia.

In 1957, the repressed peoples were rehabilitated. The Chechen-Ingush ASSR was restored, however, Prigorodny district remained part of North Ossetia, but in compensation the Chechen-Ingush ASSR was transferred to the three district of the Stavropol territory on the left Bank of the Terek river, populated mostly by Cossacks.

After the collapse of the USSR, Chechnya and Ingushetia became independent republics, but the latter demanded the return of the Prigorodny district. In 1992, it led to armed clashes with many casualties from Ingush and Ossetian sides. The conflict was stopped only by the introduction of Federal troops.

In 2005 the Nazran court of Ingushetia has regained the administrative border with North Ossetia as 1944, a judgment was included and the disputed area. Later, the Supreme court reversed this decision.

In the early 2000s after the dissolution of spectrographically on dealing with the resettlement of refugees from the area of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict was engaged in the Federal migration service and the Embassy of South County. Was formed a plan of action, but both sides disagreed with him. North Ossetia was not happy with the lack of security, and residents of Ingushetia, outraged that the refugees were asked to return not to their homes, and in a specially constructed for this purpose on the territory of North Ossetia villages.

In the end, for the resettlement of refugees was allocated 1.7 billion rubles. Under the state assistance provided to internally displaced persons from the Prigorodny district was meant, in particular, the costs of moving, temporary residence, as well as the allocation of funds for construction, reconstruction or purchase of housing.

In 2009, Taimuraz Mamsurov, who held the post of the head of North Ossetia, Ingush President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov signed an agreement on development of good neighbourly relations. Its main goal was the full elimination of consequences of conflict between regions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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