The Russians decided to impose a tax on smartphones


Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Russia plans to introduce a paid registration of all devices with IMEI code (international mobile equipment identity): from smart phones to some models of water meters. The bill would make the state Duma Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Lyudmila Bokova, RBC.

In the case of adoption, February 1, 2020, all residents will be obliged within a few months after purchase to register independently acquired outside the device through the portal and pay a fee in the amount of 100 rubles.

If this is not done, the cell phone block cellular operators.

The authors of the draft law noted that the Russian budget has lost 16.6 billion rubles from illegal or unreported importation of gadgets, and the registration procedure will cut off the possibility of using a counterfeit.

In addition to the tax, the purpose of this document is to assist the FSB in the capture of terrorists. “Intelligence agencies simply can more effectively use the technical possibilities, making one of the identities (IMEI) more reliable, increases the accuracy of all information,” — said Bokova and added that the law also needs to solve the problem of thefts of mobile phones.

Imported into the country before the law came into force on the device will be allowed to use for several years without registration. Will not apply the provisions of the document and on foreigners using SIM cards of foreign operators.

Store the data on IMEI codes of Russians will be subordinated to Rossvyaz research Institute.

The legislative initiative of the Senator’s Side — this is not the first attempt in one form or another to return to the registration procedure of mobile phones, canceled in 2000. According to representatives of the Russian operators, such innovation must be donaustrasse network, however the concept is consistent with the global practice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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