The woman went on vacation and came back with maggots in the head


Photo: BMJ Case Reports

A resident of the UK went to the hospital with complaints of pain in his forehead and found that under her skin settled pair larvae. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The woman returned from a holiday in Uganda, and then went to the hospital with a tumor on his forehead. The doctors thought it was a bite of an infected insect and discharged the patient and recommended to take antibiotics. Three days later, she reiterated to the doctors because of a “shooting” pain in the head. In addition, the tumor became larger.

More thorough investigation showed that under the skin of British women settled for two larvae. One of them was removed after applying the vaseline, but an ultrasound scan performed later showed that in the area of hair growth is still one living creature.

It turned out that, as in Uganda, she leaned against the head towel, which turned out to be the eggs of flies. They probably got under the skin of the patient through a scratch or wound.

In October 2018 last year it was reported that in China from the baby’s eyes removed 11 live parasites. Perhaps the child has earned eye damage as a result of communication with Pets and neighbors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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