Three Russians killed the veteran for 20 thousand rubles


Photo: SU SK IN SK

Three residents of the Stavropol region killed a veteran of the great Patriotic war for the sake of burial money. On Friday, January 25, “the” reported in the Investigative Committee of Russia.

The incident, which occurred on 10 January in the village of Kursavka, it became known on January 18. It was reported that three men entered the home of 97-year-old pensioner, covered her with a blanket, beat him and took everything they found in the house money. Two days later, the veteran died in the hospital.

It turned out that the crackers were 20 thousand rubles, deferred the hostess at my own funeral.

In addition, the investigators believe that the suspects have already been to the house of an elderly woman in may of last year: then, they installed plastic Windows and stole 120 thousand rubles. A few months later they decided to Rob her again.

The interior Ministry of Russia “” said that all three were detained on Thursday evening in Stavropol. “It is established that the two entered through a window in a veteran’s home, and the third was left on the street and watched the surroundings. A criminal case was instituted under articles “Robbery” and “causing of heavy harm to health, entailed death” — told Irina the Wolf, the official representative of the Ministry.

Currently, all three investigations are conducted, the question about their arrest.

In April 2017 in the eagle have detained a local resident, killed 90-the summer veteran of the great Patriotic war. The detainee explained the crime personal hostility.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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