Trump’s son-in-law admitted to top secret information


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Son-in-law of U.S. President Jared Kushner was twice denied access to top secret information, but the decision was changed. About that NBC News was told by informed sources.

According to them, two security specialist White house rejected a request Kouchner. The decision was cancelled by their leader Karl Klein. Writes NBC, the presidential son-in-law was one of at least 30 people, which Klein gave access to top secret information, despite the ban on security professionals. According to interlocutors of the edition, a number unprecedented: before Klein took up the post in 2017, the decision to ban was changed once in three years.

Information about accessing Kouchner drew attention after the FBI began investigating foreign relations-in-law of the head of state during the presidential campaign of 2016.

After the ban on the receipt of top secret information was lifted, Kushner requested access to even more classified data — classified information to the special mode of storage. As analysts at the White house security are not entitled to agree to such requests, the petition was sent to the CIA. There access is categorically denied, and appealed to the White house with the question of how Kushner actually gained access to any classified information.

In the presidential administration to comment on the incident refused. NBC also failed to contact any Carl Klein or lawyer Kouchner.

January 23, Democrats in the house of representatives initiated an investigation into how Kouchner has gained access to classified information. In addition, the issue of concern was the number of other employees of the US administration, including presidential adviser for national security John Bolton, and the legality of their access to state secrets.

In December 2018, published a list of the associates of the American leader is Donald trump, who had foreign contacts during the election campaign. Among them were Jared Kushner.

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