United Russia has opposed a tax on smartphones


Eugene Ravenloft: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

In the “United Russia” opposed the bill pay enroll mobile devices with access to the Internet via the international mobile equipment identity (IMEI), said Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the party, state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Revenko. His words leads to “Interfax” on Friday, January 25.

“This may restrict the freedom of communication and is a way of introducing self-imposed levies to the people,” — said the MP.

Earlier on Friday appeared information that the consideration of the lower house of Parliament introduced a bill requiring to register purchased abroad mobile devices through the portal and pay a fee in the amount of 100 rubles. Otherwise, the cell will block the cellular operator.

The authors hope in this way to increase revenues due to the disappearance of counterfeit goods, and to help the intelligence agencies in apprehending the terrorists.

The Cabinet voted against the pay check of the device, but the concept approved. According to the Deputy Chairman of the government Maxim Akimov, the new measure will contribute to raising the level of national security.

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