Disclosed details of secret US plan for regime change in Venezuela


Photo: RIA Novosti

USA a few weeks developed a secret plan for the support of the Venezuelan opposition. Parliament speaker Huang Guido declared himself interim President after a call by the us Vice President Mike Pence, who promised him the recognition of Washington. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing a senior source in the administration of Donald trump.

On the night of January 23 Pence called Guido and assured that the USA will support him if he intercepts the power from incumbent President Nicolas Maduro, referring to the provisions of the Constitution. This call launched a secret plan, which the United States has developed in recent weeks, negotiating with its allies and key figures of the Venezuelan opposition. The opposition insisted that they need the support of the international community. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo discussed the situation in Venezuela with representatives of Brazil, Colombia and other countries.

Shortly after January 23, Guido declared himself interim President, trump released a statement that recognizes him as a temporary leader of Venezuela, and promised Pensions. Then similar statements issued in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and other countries. However, some officials in the United States is concerned that American diplomats in Caracas can be in danger.

After the army expressed their support for Maduro, Washington is trying to figure out how a lot of his supporters. “The United States believes that the majority of the rank and file of the military on the side of the opposition”, — said the source.

Earlier, on 26 January, the Agency Associated Press with reference to its sources reported that Guido secretly traveled to the United States and in Latin American countries. The US state Department has established a special post of special representative for Venezuela. Post took Elliot Abrams, who was caught in the fact that in 2002 he prepared in this Latin American country a coup.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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