In Germany refused to assume that the characters of the victims of the siege of Leningrad


Photo: Boris Kudoyarov / RIA Novosti

In Germany, stated that the anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad turned to Russia in celebration, although this event must be seen as a large-scale tragedy. This writes the journalist of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Mrs. Herr Bigalke (Silke Bigalke).

In particular, the author wonders why in St. Petersburg organize a military parade. In her opinion, the event resembles the “dancing on bones”. “Once again, the government sent soldiers instead of compassion, and emphasis on national pride, not memory,” she reflects.

According to the journalist, after the defeat of the Nazi army both sides chose not to mention that the siege of Leningrad — the genocide of the residents. Instead, they represent victims of heroes, bravely resisted the enemy. “That people could hardly stand on his feet from hunger, ate the glue and cats, and some were punished for cannibalism, only became known in the 90 years,” she said.

Honest coverage of the blockade by the Soviet authorities inevitably would raise questions about the possibilities of the authorities to prevent the disaster, or about the willingness of Stalin to sacrifice the lives of residents.

Herr Bigalke recognizes that the siege of Leningrad was a monstrous crime of the Wehrmacht, however, the modern glorification of the victims leads to the justification of their deaths. This position facilitates incident and can be dangerous, she said. The journalist recalls that survivors and their families have increasingly commemorated victims of the tragedy not in the day of the siege, and in the day of its beginning, September 8.

Previously, on 16 January it was reported that state Duma Deputy Ildar Bikbaev proposed to carry out the action, timed to the 75 th anniversary of the liberation of blockaded Leningrad. The MP is planning to give the inhabitants of St. Petersburg 125-gram rate of bread, cooked according to the recipe of the times of isolation of the city. His initiative has been criticized.

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