In Russia learned to diagnose lung cancer in 20 seconds


Photo: Spbpu

At the Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg (Spbpu) has developed an intelligent system Doctor AIzimov for diagnosing cancer of the lung in 20 seconds. This was reported on the website of SPbSPU.

The software, created in conjunction with doctors of Saint-Petersburg clinical scientific and practical centre for specialized medical care (oncological) can be installed on any computer. Doctor AIzimov in the shortest time able to analyze the results of CT lung patients and to issue a conclusion in the form of clearly allocated to pathology.

The novelty of the method lies in the fact that instead of graphically complex picture of computer tomography, the tumor is in the form of a compact and simple histograms.

Closed testing of the system took place in late 2018. It is alleged that Doctor AIzimov self-learning, and each subsequent task will further speed up the process. The plans of scientists two hundred performance technology up to two seconds.

The project received support from the Russian science Foundation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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