In Russia recorded a massive maneuvers of US military satellites


Photo: USAF

Us military spy satellites GSSAP conduct intensive travel. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Astro space science center.

It is alleged that the Russian automated system warning of dangerous situations in near-earth space (ASPOS GST) found more than 400 of the maneuvers performed before 2018, only one of the four GSSAP apparatus. Among other things, he became close with an American communications satellite MUOS-5, which broke the main engine.

Four satellites GSSAP (Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program — the awareness Program situation in geosynchronous orbit) was launched in 2014 and 2016 for monitoring and inspection for other satellites in the interests of the United States air force. They are placed above and below the geostationary orbit and provide “accurate tracking and features” satellites.

In February 2018, it was reported that the us military instead of running expensive and massive satellites will begin deploying the information network, based on a cheaper and simple spacecraft. This approach will allow US to respond quickly to threats from China and Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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