The clerk called the excessive demands of teachers to more than nine thousand


Photo: Catherine Chetoshnikova / Facebook

Head of Department of youth policy and implementation of programs of social development of the Altai Krai Ekaterina Chetoshnikova called the high demands of young teachers who complain about salary of nine thousand roubles. This opinion she expressed in an interview with Amic.

The journalist tried to find out from the official, how to motivate youth not to leave the region in search of better working conditions. In particular, he cited low salaries of young teachers.

“High requirements — it is not good, give me all at once, although do not represent themselves, but want a Mercedes. Should be adequate in everything. Our task is to work with young people in this issue,” said Chetoshnikova.

Chetoshnikova noticed that in the Altai region there are special programs, and noted that “young people want all at once”. “We all understand, if the child is beating on the floor, wishing that his parents bought him a toy — this is abnormal behavior. Need to talk with young people,” she concluded.

24 January, the speaker of the Novgorod regional Duma of Elena Pisareva has been criticized for a controversial statement. She said that mothers who gave birth after 30 years, “money is not need, and need baby, whom she will love”. So the official commented on the regional law that establishes the payment in 100 thousand roubles for the first-born only for women under 29 years of age.

Later in administration of the Governor explained that for mothers under 29 years of age in the region there are other support measures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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