The delay in the issuance of housing deceased 103-year-old Russian woman explained her sluggishness


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The inhabitant of Sochi Verik, Chacharan not wait for the apartment and concausa at the age of 103 years too late, has issued the necessary documents. This was reported by radio station “Moscow speaking” acting Minister of labor and social development of Krasnodar region Sergey Garkusha on Saturday, January 26.

According to him, Chacharan arrived in Russia only in 2015, when she had turned 100 years old. She was really included in the waiting list for housing in 2016.

“Only in the seventeenth year, in my opinion, whether in June or in the month of July confirmed its status of the widow of the participant of the great Patriotic war. Why she had not done it — is the question”, — noted the official.

After that, Chacharan applied for due to it under this status of the payment, but then the funds have been distributed between other participants of the great Patriotic war. Apartment she was to receive in 2019. Garkusha said that the woman knew about it.

He added that in the Krasnodar region in line for an apartment are a lot of people aged 85 to 100 years. “In 2019 the housing will be provided to ten participants of the great Patriotic war. They have an extraordinary right, the widow go in the second turn. The situation that unfolded around her in the media, what’s to do?” — the official stressed.

On 26 January it became known about the death of 103-year-old Russians. She lived in the home of a granddaughter, where all the amenities were on the street, and had his room. The Ministry of labour and social development of the region she officially announced that she will get the apartment, when it will allocate funds from the budget. The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) began a review after the story of Chacharan told on television.

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