“Turkish stream” was recognized as the most dangerous project for Kiev


Photo: Eugene Pauline / RIA Novosti

The gas pipeline “Turkish stream” is more dangerous for Ukraine than the “Nord stream-2”. About it writes the edition “New Time” with reference to expert on energy under the government of Ukraine Karel Germany.

According to the expert, “Nord stream-2” leaves Ukraine a chance to keep most of transit, as the pipeline to deliver gas to buyers from southern Europe. At the same time on “Turkish stream” Russian gas will reach Italy, France and countries of the Balkan Peninsula that Kiev will be deprived of the greater part of the transit.

Despite this, the U.S. focused on the fight against “Northern stream-2”, because in this matter, has common interests with Washington and Kiev. Both countries believe that the launch of economic and bears the economic risks. For US this project is disadvantageous because the absence of the pipeline would increase the demand of Europe for American liquefied natural gas, exports of which are actively growing.

According to the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV, the construction of the second branch “Northern stream-2” can still be stopped. This will be possible in that case that sanctions the United States will withdraw from the game company that provides technology for the pipeline. KOBOLEV explained that they are working in U.S. waters to deep-sea hydrocarbon production and don’t want to lose the American market.

“Turkish stream” gas pipeline project worth seven billion euros from Russia to Turkey under the Black sea and further to Europe. Its construction began in may 2017 instead of the “South stream”, the resolution on the construction of which in 2014 gave Bulgaria. The first pipeline is intended for the Turkish market, the second — for southern Europe.

The launch of Turkish stream will reduce gas transit through the territory of Ukraine on 12-13 billion cubic meters annually, which will lead to a shortfall of $ 500 million per year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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