Venezuela rejected the ultimatum of the European countries


Photo: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza rejected the ultimatum of the European Union during his speech at an emergency meeting of the UN security Council. It is reported by El Universal.

“What makes you think that you can put the sovereign people time frame or an ultimatum?” he said in response to the demand of several European countries not to appoint the early elections in Venezuela for eight days — then they recognize provisional President, Juan Guido.

Arreaza added that some “government satellites” go to the United States, calling President Nicolas Maduro is illegitimate.

“Go about their business, respect the self-determination of peoples”, — concluded the Minister.

The UN security Council meeting was devoted to the situation in Venezuela. U.S. urged to support the Venezuelan Parliament, which is headed by the opposition leader Juan Guido as “the only democratic elected institution of the country”. This position was supported by nine of the 15 member countries of the security Council. It was opposed by Russia, China, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea.

The Russian side has directly accused the U.S. of attempting to organize a coup and insisted on discussing foreign intervention in the Affairs of Caracas.

23 January amid mass protests, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido proclaimed himself provisional President and called on Maduro to resign. Recently re-elected to the post Maduro believes that a coup are American policies. Guido, supported by the US, Argentina, Canada, major European countries and several Latin American countries. Russia, and with it, Belarus and Turkey, support the legitimacy of the Maduro.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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