Bolton warned Maduro on violence in Venezuela


John Boltonthe: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Violence and intimidation of US diplomats or opposition in Venezuela will entail retaliatory measures. This was stated by Advisor to the President for homeland security John Bolton in his Twitter account.

According to Bolton, any violence and intimidation will be treated as a “gross encroachment on the rule of law” and lead to “significant response”. What exactly is meant by “measures,” he said.

The adviser noted that the support and control of the security forces and paramilitaries of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from Cuba “is well known”.

Earlier, Maduro rejected the ultimatum of the European countries, demanded to hold new elections and threatened otherwise to admit the head of the state opposition leader Juan Guido. He proclaimed himself interim President on 23 January, amid protests. In support of it have already expressed the USA, Canada and several Latin American countries, on 27 January they were joined by Israel.

Washington officially blamed the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, the government of Maduro, and Cuban authorities, who actively contributed to it, including in the field of intelligence. Moscow accuses Washington of meddling in the Affairs of Caracas. It is supported by Belarus and Turkey, China voted in the UN security Council against discussing the situation in Venezuela on the U.S. side proposed the agenda.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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