Supported the opposition of the military attaché of Venezuela accused of treason


The Ministry of defense of Venezuela was accused of betraying military attaché in the United States, Colonel Jose Luis Silva, who supported the opposition. The statement is published on page office on Twitter.

The defense Ministry called the actions of Silva “an act of treason and cowardice against the Fatherland, inherited from the liberator Simon Bolivar”. “We reject the statements of the Colonel,” — said in the message.

To post the attached photo of Silva with the caption “traitor.”

Previously, Silva urged the armed forces to support Venezuelan Parliament speaker Huang Guido that on 23 January declared himself President amid mass protests. “Enough to support a government that has betrayed the most basic principles and sold them in the interests of other countries,” asked Silva to the Venezuelan military.

Like other Venezuelan diplomats in the United States, Silva had previously received the order from President Nicolas Maduro to return home. American diplomats had already left Caracas.

USA, Canada and several countries in Latin America acknowledged, Guido the legitimate President of Venezuela. France, Germany and Spain on 26 January, Maduro put forward an ultimatum: if within eight days he will announce new elections, they also recognize the leader of the opposition interim head of Venezuela.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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