Taktarov pointed to health problems Emelianenko after a knockout from American


Oleg Taktarova: Vladimir Trefilov/ RIA Novosti

A former Russian fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Oleg Taktarov admitted that compatriot Fedor Emelianenko was not similar to itself in a lost battle with American Ryan Bader in the final of the Grand Prix of heavyweights of Bellator. His words leads “CHempionata”.

According to Taktarov, Fedor Emelianenko if he was not in the octagon, and occurring there almost did not react. “Emelianenko showed in that moment, when he bandaged his hands: it was painful to watch and realize that he is now forced to go and fight,” — said the fighter.

Taktarov also expressed confidence that Emelianenko before the fight was health problems. “Fedor if he poured a sleeping pill,” — said the athlete. He also wondered why the Russians went to fight in that condition, and did not take a break? Taktarov is explained by the fact that Emelianenko is the representative of the “old school”: he promised to go on fighting and made it.

The fight took place in the night of 27 January in Inglewood, California. Bader knocked out Emelianenko in the 35th second of the first round. After the battle, the American has called on the opponent the greatest fighter in history.

For fight against Bader Emelianenko will receive 300 thousand dollars. Americans will pay 150 thousand, also he will get a win bonus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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