The head of the Moscow HRC has explained the word about the lack of contribution of the Russians in the budget


Photo: Marina Yudenich / Facebook

The head of the Council on human rights (HRC) of the Moscow region Marina Yudenich explained that her words about the lack of contribution of the Russians in the budget was taken out of context and did not belong to the citizens. She wrote about this in his Facebook.

“Somehow it’s embarrassing for civic activists, who for some reason was too shy to put not to the full speech, but even the phrase completely,” said Yudenich.

She stressed that her words relate to colleagues in the Public chamber and the expert community, which offered to allocate one billion rubles for the “futuristic designs”. “And I repeat what I said then: to divide people into those who clean tubs and one very immoral,” said the head of the HRC.

Yudenich did repost the user account Facebook, which issued a snippet of her statement resonated. It is noted that shots taken at a meeting with residents near Moscow the Queen, where they discussed the restoration of the historic quarter. One of the participants suggested the use of Federal funds.

The video hit the following replica Yudenich: “you Guys are so easy to say, and let the budget get so much and let so much you in this budget is something put to it to take?!”.

The head of the HRC posted on his Facebook a complete record of his speech with the explanation: “I consider it absolutely inadmissible to divide people on the indigenous inhabitants and newcomers, intellectuals and workers, rich and poor, can’t do that, it’s terrible (…) Colleagues from the expert community want a few to land: you guys are so easy to say, and let the budget get so much and let so many (let me remind you, the architects called amounts to a billion), you this budget has something invested, so that it take?!”.

Russian officials in recent years, often have to make excuses for his words. So, January 26 is the well-publicized statement of the head of Department for youth policy and implementation of programs of social development of the Altai Krai Catherine Chetoshnikova. In an interview, she called the demands of young teachers to more than nine thousand rubles too high and stated that it is impossible to get everything at once. Chetoshnikova later explained that he said this based on personal experience, and acknowledged that she should be more sensitive to dynamic changes of the modern world.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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