Three houses collapsed after an explosion in the Hague


Photo: @markkool8 / Twitter

In the Hague collapsed after the explosion three houses, according to the Dutch RTL News publishing Sunday, January 27.

Under fragments of buildings there are people. It is reported that rescuers have already recovered from the rubble of two people. Several people were slightly injured. The police has reliable information on how many residents may remain under the rubble.

Rescue work is complicated by the fact that neighboring houses collapsed facades also damaged and may collapse at any moment. Residents were evacuated.

As a preliminary causes of the incident is called a gas explosion.

27 January in Russia when a gas explosion in the cafe were injured 22 people. The incident occurred in the village of Lysye Gory, Saratov region. At the moment of explosion in it held a Banquet on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of a local resident, he later died in hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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