Wife of Assad removed the cancer


Photo: twitter.com/Presidency_Sy

The doctors removed a tumor the wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This was announced by the office of the Syrian leader on his Twitter page.

It is noted that the surgery, which moved ASMA Assad, was held in a military hospital. The woman continues treatment for cancer.

About the illness of the wife of Assad, it became known in early August 2018. The woman was diagnosed with a malignant breast tumor. Cancer is identified at an early stage.

Wife of Syrian President 43 years. ASMA Fawaz al-akhras was born in London, where he graduated from high school and king’s College, University of London in computer science and French literature. He worked at Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase, and then went home parents in Syria.

Bashar al-Assad married ASMA in 2001. In the same year they had a son Hafez, 2003 — daughter Zane, and in 2004-m — son Kareem.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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