A disabled girl was thrown from the flight due to incapacitation


Shen ChengqingФото: IST

A passenger in a wheelchair was not allowed on Board due to the fact that she could not move independently. It is reported by Asia One.

22-year-old Shen Cincin was supposed to fly from Hong Kong to Tianjin on the airline Hong Kong Airlines. However, when she arrived at the airport, it refused to register for the flight, because she could not walk, and nobody accompanied.

“I was very excited and evil at the same time. I can’t understand how this could happen in Hong Kong,” shared Cancin.

According to the airline’s website, passengers are allowed to register their wheelchairs on the flight, and on Board they will have a suitable replacement.

However, representatives of the airline stated that the flight attendants can help the handicapped rise but they will not accompany them to the toilet and to provide them with personal care during the flight. “Therefore, we recommend to travel with a companion,” — said in Hong Kong Airlines.

In July 2018, a teenager with epilepsy was expelled from flight of Emirates airlines, despite the doctor’s permission for the flight. He flew with his family from New Zealand to France with a stopover in Dubai. After the transplant, the entire family was asked to leave the plane. As later told the mother of the invalid, they had to call the doctor to get permission to fly over the phone, but the flight attendants still insisted that the family went on.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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