Americans have lost faith in the fairness of the proceedings on the relationship of the tramp with Russia


Donald Truephoto: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Half of Americans do not too believe in the validity of the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller, who is conducting business on the links, U.S. President Donald trump with Russia. This is evidenced by the results of a survey jointly conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News.

According to them, US citizens want to know about the relations of the head of state and see the tax returns that he never publicises, but does not want impeachment. At the same time, 46 percent of Americans believe that the Democrats, in their allegations against trump’s willing to go farther than necessary.

As noted, only 43 percent of respondents “fairly confident” in the fairness of the results of the investigation Muller. Half as or a little hope for it, or do not believe that it impartially.

The survey polled 1001 American adult. It was held from 21 to 24 January and ended on the day before the office of spectracolor announced the charges against the former adviser to trump and his campaign staff of Roger stone. He is charged with perjury (five times), obstruction of investigation by the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of Congress, as well as attempting to exert pressure on witnesses. On 25 January he was arrested and later released on bail, passed CNN.

Trump once again called the incident the greatest witch hunt. He also lamented that drug traffickers and human traffickers treated better.

Mueller has a case about alleged Russian intervention in the American elections in 2016. is tasked to find out whether there was collusion between the headquarters of the trump and Russia. The Kremlin and the White house deny all accusations. When exactly will be announced, and what proportion, is unknown. It is expected that this will be done in the first quarter of 2019.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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